“I know hot when I hear it”

Emerging from the elite Miami music scene and the surrounding South Florida region, DJ Slimfamous’ style of mixing genres stems from his vast knowledge of music, and his ability to pump up any dance floor with his high-energy live-show experience.


Slimfamous garnered a lot of his hands-experience behind the turntables from attending the DJ Schools Scratch Academy and Rhythm City DJ School, and currently teaches DJing and how to entertain at clubs, parties and corporate events. He also gathered inspiration from the eclectic multicultural diversity of music in the area, which is also where he continued to master his craft and manifest his DJ career.


Known for high-energy and captivating live shows as an open format DJ. Slimfamous spins music from many genres, especially upbeat jams that get the heart pumping and the crowd jumping. His dedication to the precision of a knockout live-show is one of the biggest cornerstones to DJ Slimfamous’ career and is evident at every event and stage he graces.


When DJ Slimfamous first comes to mind, “I know hot when I hear it” resonates perfectly with every audience he has encountered.